Our Objectives

1. To enroll all serving members of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) into the Medical Insurance Scheme.
2. To receive monthly contributions of the members through check-off system from the Ministry of Defence.
3. To maintain, control and manage the fund in a transparent manner in the best interest of the beneficiaries.
4. To pay for healthcare services legitimately rendered to beneficiaries.

Core Values


Express utmost responsibility in resource utilization, decisions and actions

Team Work

Implementation of the military espirit de corps necessary for a conducive work environment


Maintain high standards of customer relations, staff development and operations


Endeavour to turn new ways, patterns and connections into ingenious solutions


Conduct of all operations with transparency,honour and truthfulness

“The joy of retirement comes in those everyday pursuits that embrace the joy of life; to experience daily the freedom to invest one's life-long knowledge for the betterment of others; and, to allocate time to pursuits that only received, in years of working, a fleeting moment.” – Byron Pulsifer