The Honourable Aden Duale, EGH, MP, is the current Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Defence in Kenya. He has served as a ranking Member for three consecutive terms of Parliament in the National Assembly of Kenya.

He was the First Leader of Majority Party in the National Assembly where he served in the 11th and 12th Parliament until July, 2020 (for 8 years). This is a senior government office within Parliament of Kenya that was established.

under the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. He was first elected into parliament in the year 2007, reelected in the year 2013, 2017 and 2022. Hon. Duale is the incumbent Member of Parliament for Garissa Township Constituency and served as a ranking member in the Public Accounts Committee in the 12th Parliament.

Hon. Duale sponsored 101 Government Bills in the 11th Parliament as the Leader of Majority Party. He was first elected Member of Parliament for Dujis Constituency in the 10th Parliament and further served as Assistant Minister for Livestock in the Coalition Government. He was additionally a member of Departmental Committee on Energy and Communication.

Hon. Duale holds a Bachelor of Education Degree from Moi University which he undertook from 1988 to 1992. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. He is a leader committed to the long-term development of the nation.

He is a founding member of various political parties including, the Orange Democratic Movement, the United Republican Party, the Jubilee Party and United Democratic Alliance.

Hon. Duale is also family man, married and with five children.

At the Defence, the CS is responsible for policy formulation and implementation. He also offers strategic direction that aims to support the Ministry to effectively operationalize its mandate by formulating, presenting and articulating Cabinet memoranda, sessional papers, and other policy issues emanating from the Ministry.

The Cabinet Secretary is the principal advisor to the President on matters relating to defence policies and the focal linkage to the National Assembly and the Senate, or any other fora as appropriate, providing regular report and responses on Ministry matters. He is the chairperson of the Defence Council, the highest organ that manages defence affairs. In addition to this, he is the Chair of the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF).

“The joy of retirement comes in those everyday pursuits that embrace the joy of life; to experience daily the freedom to invest one's life-long knowledge for the betterment of others; and, to allocate time to pursuits that only received, in years of working, a fleeting moment.” – Byron Pulsifer